Life Path Number : 6 – Nurturer – Visionary

Life Path Number : 6 – Nurturer – Visionary

You are the one with a big & very compassionate heart. You are always ready to offer services to others especially the weak. You are very helpful and possess a healer’s touch. You never shy away from offering your shoulder for others to cry on. Your characteristic detail has a saintly touch-

“You love to take responsibility even if it requires personal sacrifice on your part than turn away someone asking your help. Sometimes you might feel overburdened by the number of people you help but it’s their love you seek as your big rewards in return. You always try to maintain harmony in your family and prove great in Marriage. You are a wonderful parent always offering protection and understanding to your children.”

You are very generous, kind and attractive. Though you look

very humble from outside but you carry deep pride inside. You need to be careful about your pride because sometimes your pride can turn into ego which might bring you bad name. Observably you might, at young age, choose partners for wrong reasons or desires. In relationship particularly your sentiments influence your decision.

You have some sort of charm and charisma that attracts people to you. You are born with talent in music, art and enormous talent in business. You can easily grow in these fields if you practice and give time to yourself. Apart from artistic and business fields, you can also do well in the area of healing, teaching, hospitality and management.

Life Path number 6 represented by Planet Venus and this planet rules over Love, romance and sex. Having said that, you know how to love others, you know how to care for others feeling, you know how to sacrifice for others happiness. As a partner you always try to keep your spouse or lover/beloved happy and present yourself beforehand whatever their wish is because you have some aura to know about other’s feeling. Not only this, you seem to be a good

parents who love and nurture their children very well. Though you are very good in caring and loving others but inside you always carry pride of this. Sometimes this pride becomes your ego and it create problem in your love life. But overall, your love life is good.

This has been also observed that, most of the people with this life path number involve in relationship in very early age of their life and unfortunately, these initial relationships are not good because those relationship is based on bad desires.