My Mission

is to

Help you Regenerate, Reboot, Rebrand, and Renew your Mind, Body, and Soul so you can be Reborn back to your True Self that is connected to the divine consciousness. Using the tools in my toolbox, conscious content, programs, collaborations, and The Hapi Network, I will help guide you during this spiritual and personal journey through life. Giving you a chance to be healthy, successful, and happy, so you radiate universal love.

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HI, I am Cynthia Renee Meeks

My name is Cynthia, I’m the mother of two handsome boys and the founder of The Hapi Network. I want to get real with you for a moment. About 10 plus years ago I was searching for answers after I left organized religion, I wanted to understand why I was so unhappy and unsuccessful in my life. Also who was I, and what’s my purpose. I believed my angels lead me right to Numerology where I discovered my vibrational number song of who I really was, and it helped me get aligned with my true purpose. I became a certified Numerologist to spread the news about the life path blueprint that everyone is born with.

Rev. CR Meeks

If You Are Brave Enough To Say Goodbye, Life Will Reward You With A New Hello!

Paulo Coello



Vicky Snead

She is really a caring and special person. She took the time to help me understand some things that was going on in my life. I would recommend her to all my friends and family. She was my blessing. Thank you so much.

Alicia Joy

WORTH EVERY PENNY! Cynthia is a sweet soul who took her time and explained everything very thoughtfully. I got confirmations I didn't even know I needed until she exposed certain things. What an amazing experience!! Book your appointment ASAP! You will be pleasantly surprised

Fiyah Queen

Detailed, accurate and insightful session wrapped in a genuine and warm embrace.

Christina Spencer

Cynthia is amazing. It was my first time to receive a reading and really enjoyed the experience. She is very insightful. Everything she shared with me was spot on. Highly recommend her!

Tammy Oved

What an amazing experience with Cynthia. Completely life changing. She’s extremely knowledgeable in her field and she’s fantastic at explaining the process. I have recommended her to my entire family and they can’t wait to work with her. I have found a wonderful friend and mentor with Cynthia.

Demetria Meka Canady

Had my first reading with Cynthia and it was very insightful! She hit the nail on the head with a lot of things I've been thru and currently going thru. I appreciate her time and dedication to her work and the patience she has to break everything down so that I could fully understand what she was explaining to me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has questions about themselves and looking for answers

My Toolbox


The blueprint of understanding how to attain mastery of life lessons and soul mission.

Chakra Healing

The health of your chakra and energy field determines how you feel and experience.

Sacred Travels

Travel in a group setting to places that will raise your vibration, eat great foods, and meet spiritual Sun and Sunsets all over the world.

Hapi Network

Membership community subscription platform that helps you stay spiritually connected so you can live with more joy and abundance.

Spiritual Hypnosis

On this spiritual journey called life we tend to forget the reason we came hypnosis helps you rediscover who you truly are.

Spiritual Discourse

Every Sunday I will deliver a spiritual message divinely guided

Soul Counseling

It offers an unique form of counseling that helps explore one’s issues problems through a much deeper, spiritual lens, that is considered to open my mental and emotional pathways, otherwise blocked with traditional therapy.

Life Between Life

Profound hypnotic technique that connects you to your soul awareness guided into the spiritual state between lifetimes, you can meet and communicate with your own personal Spirit Guide, greet your beloved Soulmates & Soul Groups, and consult advanced spiritual masters known as Elders.

Mysticism/ Metaphysics

Represents the highest quest of human growth and awareness. Consider yourself blessed, as a whole new world and concept of yourself and your potential is about to open to you. You will not only discover what Mysticism truly is, but even more important, you will learn how to apply it to every area of your life that you would like to see improved. Your thirst for a better life is about to be quenched!



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