About In the Light Hypnosis

In The Light Hypnosis unique combination of techniques  comes from Introspective Hypnosis, and Past Life Awakening Institute, in conjunction with Numerology. In The Light Hypnosis for those on a true Spiritual Awakening or Healers Path. I specialize  in Forgiveness Therapy, Role Change, Past Life Regression, Breaking the Bonds of time, Reframing, Between lives, and Spirit Releasement.

On this spiritual journey called life, we tend to forget the reason we came here, with an In The Light Hypnosis session, you will rediscover who you truly are.  It is important you have the right tools at hand to make the most out of your spiritual journey. While every journey is unique, they all share certain commonalities. 

Most of us had many lifetimes before this life and sometimes past life residue spill over into your current life. That may be the reason why some people begin to get emotionally hurt, which can lead to depression, dis-ease and illness. 

The body is always trying to tell us something and uses aches, pains and illnesses to communicate with us. We can’t understand why our life has to be so challenging. Wouldn’t it be nice to find out what your body is trying to tell you? That may be the reason you have a certain birthmark or phobia, allergies or physical ailments. It may be due to a trauma or injury you’ve carried over from another lifetime.


During an In The Light Hypnosis session, you connect with your divine wisdom; your divine Higher Self which has never forgotten the reason you came here or your purpose.  If there are trapped emotions that are creating blockages in your body, they are identified and transformed to allow good energy to flow once again.  

If you need to forgive, the act of forgiveness is powerful and allows you to finally let go of what has been holding you back so that you can finally move forward in your life.  It is a gift that you give to yourself.
There may be some of us who are living in a physical body for the first time. We may be Starseeds and know that we’re on a mission but we don’t know what that mission is. We feel different and misunderstood and don’t feel happy here. We yearn to go home but we don’t know where “home” is. Wouldn’t it be nice to know where “home” is and why you chose to be born in this lifetime and in your family?

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