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Sy’s Book

Sy The Mighty Minder is a vibrant, fun – loving rhyming book that’s great for kids of all ages. This book is about an agent from an alien race called Minders who help kids with good actions. This is a great book for the entire family!

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Eleven-year-old Sy Hubby and his mom, Cynthia Meeks, created “Sy the Mighty Minder™,” an illustrated, rhyming children’s book and 9-inch plush figure. The book features diverse characters and is designed to inspire the good in every child. 

Sy Hubby has chronic asthma and is forced to stay indoors often. As a result, to stay active, he created a YouTube channel which has since garnered over 1.7 million views. Hubby created a spy character which served as the inspiration behind “Sy the Mighty Minder.”

Kids are assigned an agent from an alien race called Minders to help them with good actions. Their mission is to ensure that all kids are kind, nice, and well-behaved for 365 days a year, in turn making the modern world and the future a better place. The book, geared toward boys and girls ages 3-11, features diverse characters of all colors and tells an inclusive story that applies to children of all ethnic backgrounds and religions.

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Sy the Mighty Minder” was created to bring love to the world and remind every child of the powers of kindness, compassion, and friendship,” Meeks said. “In fact, the Minders’ ‘M’ symbol doubles as the shape of a heart.”




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