Life Path Number : 3 The Entertainer

Life Path Number : 3 The Entertainer

“Self-Expression is your treasure- spend it only to earn more”

You my friend are the life of any party. You sit on the epitome of talent of Self-expression of thoughts. No doubt that most of the famous writers, poets, actors and musicians share the traits of your life path. Your wisdom and wittiness brings you to the limelight.

You are a quick learner in all things artistic due to your expressiveness and may become an artist at a young age. However the maturity of your talent requires strict discipline and commitment to develop it into true potential. Let’s give you your characteristic summary-

“Your Self-expression can make you the life of a party and the center of attention. However, this has been observed you usually waste your talent because of unnecessary involvement in nonimportant activities of society. Your creativity is a gift which can bring you comfort and luxury of your desire but not without discipline and focus. When problems come to your life you show flexibility and remain optimistic to overcome obstacles. You are socially active and able to inspire other people around you.”

You are very generous from birth and not very good at handling money. You neither give much attention to organizing the money nor show responsibility in spending it as well. You are emotional and when hurt you become silent. You become moody and cynical and throw sarcastic remarks causing pain to those around you. You should use your gift of self-expression towards greater good as it can bring great inspirational force in the world.

You will find happiness in motivating others and bringing much success to them and to you. Your Life path number represents Planet Jupiter in Hindu Astrology. Jupiter represents Wisdom, teaching, education and expansion. So as a career choice, a person as multi- skilled as you would prefer to educate and motivate others in society.