Numerology FAQs

What is Numerology?

Numerology is based on the idea that everything has a vibrational frequency and decoding this frequency can reveal answers to tough questions. All beings and objects vibrate at different frequencies. Every frequency rate matches a number on a numerology chart. To define numerology in its simplest terms, you look at the qualities and energies associated with an object’s number in order to understand its characteristics, personality traits and potential outcomes

How does Numerology Works?

Numerology begins with a numerical calculation based on letters and numbers. For every letter of the alphabet there is a corresponding number. These numbers can be added up and simplified down to a single digit to provide the story of who you are. Numerology calculations always reduce numbers to single digits; for example, 16 would be reduced by adding 1 + 6 to make 7. All numbers, no matter how long, can be added up and reduced down to a single digit between 1 and 9, except for the master numbers 11, 22 and 33, which have special meaning. Each numerology number has a unique meaning, with nuances dictated by the type of analysis


What Can a Numerology Reading Tell You?

Numerology can provide you with a blueprint that helps you to see where you’re going and where you have been. When you get a reading, it’s important to understand that while numerology number meanings reveal many things about your personality and paths that your life might take, you always have free will to make life choices. Use the information that you learn about yourself in your numerology reading to help you work through questions, make career decisions, choose a romantic partner, better understand your relationships, and learn how to pursue your life goals.


What are my 5 core energies?

Birth Gift – the day you were born on. Life Path – your entire date of birth, Destiny/Expression – the birth name listed on your birth certificate. Soul Urge – consist of the vowels in your name.  Personality – consist of the consonants in your name. 


What is a Life Path?

The date of your birth gives us your Life Path number; a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges, and lessons you will encounter in this lifetime.

Your Life Path is the most important number in your numerology chart. It begins the moment the curtain opens on your life and sets you on the road you will travel. Your Life Path reveals the opportunities and challenges you will encounter throughout your journey.

What is a Destiny/Essence Number?

A number that symbolizes all of a person’s past lifetime accomplishments and the energy patterns he or she is working to establish in this life. All of the numbers representing a full name added together and reduced form the Destiny number. 

What is a Born Gift Number?

Represents the day digit you were born on 1 – 31. 

What is Karmic Lessons?
Karmic Lessons (not to be confused with Karmic Debts) point to weaknesses that need to be dealt with in this lifetime.

What is Karmic Debt?
Karmic debt exists on the soul level and is inherited from past lives.

According to numerology, if you are born on the 13, 14, 16, and 19 or the sum of your date of birth, or your name equals 13, 14, 16 or 19 means that you have karmic debt number. 

If you find that you carry one of these numbers with you, do not panic. Remember that we are all in this plane for our spiritual evolution. Identifying your karma is even a clever way to reflect and direct your actions to release traumas of the past. Stay positive!

What are Master Numbers?

The double digits 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99. A master number reflects the wisdom and maturity necessary to have more choices and responsibilities in life.

What is a Personal Year?
A number that influences each year in a person’s life. It is determined by adding together the birth month, the birth day, and the present calendar year and reducing to a single digit. 

Can my Life Path number be changed?
Your Life Path derives from your date of birth so it cannot be changed.  We choose the day we will be born on  

Should the birth-certificate name or current name be used to calculate a numerology chart?

Both must be used to uncover a complete and accurate story of one’s life; however, Western numerology places a greater emphasis on the original birth-certificate name, because it reveals the pre-chosen destiny that cannot be replaced by a new name. Most Chaldean numerologists believe the name currently used today (if it differs from the original birth-certificate name) carries the strongest vibration of all. No wonder people get confused! Either way, both names should be analyzed 

Is it necessary to know the time and place of birth to calculate a numerology chart?

No, this is only a requirement for astrology. In numerology, all you need is the date of birth; the full, original birth-certificate name; and the first and last name you currently go by today. 

If my numbers are incompatible with my partner’s, will the relationship fail?

Not necessarily, so try not to get caught up in the whole “numbers compatibility” thing. There are so many components to take into consideration that it’s impossible for any relationship to tick all the boxes. Other things to consider are:

  • The “complete” numerology chart must be taken into consideration rather than just one or two numbers. For example – if the Life Path Numbers are considered incompatible, other numbers in the chart might be – For example: one person’s Life Path Number may be compatible with the other persons Destiny Number.
  • The two individuals’ astrology profiles. For example – where a
    couple’s numbers may be considered incompatible, their astrology
    profiles may be.
  • Soul contracts (that is, prechosen agreements, made between souls
    prior to incarnation, to share specific life experiences together for
    the purpose of soul growth).
  • The fact that opposites often attract when partners have specific
    lessons to learn from each other or need to adopt opposing personality

Are there good and bad numbers?

Every number has positives and negatives, so there’s no such thing as a “good” or “bad” number, let alone the “perfect number” that
guarantees a challenge-free life.

Will certain numbers provide an easier life than others?

No. Every number has life lessons and challenges to overcome so you
can reach your full potential. Since you incarnated to learn and grow
from your life experiences here on Earth, regardless of how spiritual, well behaved, healthy, intelligent, or positive
you are, there will always be lessons to learn. Your attitude is the
key to determining how challenging your lessons may be and how long your
difficulties will last. The sooner you face your challenges head-on
with courage, determination, optimism, and grace, the sooner you’ll
improve your quality of life.

What do repetitive / recurring numbers mean?

Sometimes the Universe and angels send you messages in the form of recurring numbers, and when these messages are acknowledged and adhered
to, they can improve your quality of life. As you go through your
day-to-day activities, you may see a number or sequence of numbers continually appearing on a clock, watch, computer screen, cell phone, license plate, shopping receipt, or even in your dreams! Repetitive numbers can appear anywhere, and the possibilities are endless. Although it may astound or even frighten you at the time, it’s important to investigate what the numbers could mean, because nothing is more beneficial than insight “from above.”

In numerology, each number has a variety of meanings, so there are several possibilities as to what the exact meaning of a number, or sequence of numbers, could be. This is where your intuition and common sense are required, because only through honest self-examination and evaluation can you possibly determine the meaning of your message. 

Does a 3′ × 3′ grid have to be used to calculate a numerology chart?

The square grid is called Lo Shu Square, and even though it’s incredibly insightful, it isn’t necessary that you use one in order to give a thorough and accurate reading. Whether you choose to use the grid or not comes down to personal preference.