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My name is Cynthia Renee Meeks, your Spiritual Awakening Guide. I’m the author of Numbers, Angels, and God: A Journey of Faith.

I received a Bachelors in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. I’m a certified Numerologist and I discovered years ago, everyone in this world are born with a blueprint that leads to their purpose and indicates special traits, talents, skills, and gifts.

Also, I became certified in Hypnosis to help clients understand what’s going on in their world and confirm the energy they are feeling is real. My goal is to guide people see their true potential that exists within them with my developed workshops, programs and sessions.  Spiritually transforming lives of women and men across the globe, and  helping others realize that they deserve an outstanding life energizes me and brings me true happiness.
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Love, Live, Forgive,
Cynthia Renee Meeks